Sales Chat #4 - Optimizing that first sales call
Sales For FoundersJune 17, 2021x
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Sales Chat #4 - Optimizing that first sales call

Okay... It's time for that big initial sales call. You've booked, prepped and dialed in (or maybe you're in-person...right?!)

Now what do you do?

Plenty, actually. And a lot of it is simple, fundamental, easy, and actionable. And all of it can make that first sales call much more effective.

In this episode, Brendan and Louis break down the key practices, tactics and mindset that should be part of your sales process. There are a lot of great tips here that can elevate your sales efforts and help you pursue the right opportunities and minimize the wrong ones. 

So please listen in as we go back-n-forth on kicking off the conversation, qualifying the customer, getting the information you need, and so much more.

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